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I'm interested but do you have a better picture of the whole unit?
I sent a tweet to SVS,this is their response @tang7969 We revised to the pin/cup design for better retention, less potential scuffing.— SVS (@SVS_Sound) April 18, 2014
I love that blu!!!!!! I listen to it almost everyday! I know this is the PSA forum but I have a different sub that I can seal and sounds even better sealed when I watch it.
For any of the Western New Yorkers following this thread, Stereo Advantage is now carrying SVS!! https://twitter.com/stereoadvantage/status/456919992777592833
Dude really??? It's ok to admit that your wife would flip if you bought another one :D:D:D:D
Held down the power button and now it plays!!! That never happened to me before.
Hello Oppo owners. I just rcvd the Frozen BD from a seller on Ebay. When I went to play it it said that it is a data disc and that I must play it through the music,,photo or movie icon. I tried all of them and did not work. I then tried the movie in an Sony player that I have and it played fine. Any ideas?? Thanks,Tim
Up for sale is my beloved SC25. This thing is a powerhouse. There really is no reason in my opinion to go with separates. I have owned this for 3 years now and I bought it from a friend who used it very little. It will be shipped in its original box with the remote and the MCAAC mic. There is nothing wrong with it functionally or cosmetically.I baby my toys. Sorry but I will only ship to the lower 48 states. I will ship for a flat fee of $25. Local pickup is always welcome.
God this is getting exhausting
Hey neighbor!! I'm in North Tonawanda. We just put up the house for sale yesterday and we will be looking to move back to the Town of Tonawanda.
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