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try the above to see if it's the driver. if not, and the amp is the culprit (likely), get in touch with member daveds50 on these forums.. he has been repairing eD amps for people here and has good turnaround times
couldn't you try taking either the left or right channel and put it into the sub to see if you at least get some sound at all?
I got this email too
What do you mean by one single sub.. do you not have two separate subs? If you do have 2 subs then I believe you just run 2 speaktrons out of the amp, one for each channel. you only wire the first channel to 1+/1- and you wire the second channel to 2+/2- (edit: My experience is limited. I have a single sub run off of my EP4000 in bridged mode so that 1+ is positive and 2+ becomes negative out of channel 1, and I just run a single wire to the sub)
I have finally actually got the $ credited to my visa account after having the request pending for about a month. Good riddance eD
Here was my solution to filling the amp hole.. added an extra brace in the cabinet and filled the hole with 3/4" MDF, with a cutout for a speaktron plate
Interesting, looks like http://www.keiga.com.tw/products_kgnd52100.html is the LT/1300, Is it not? Funny, because they (Keiga) rate it at 1200W RMS at 10% THD. At 0.1% THD, the rating is only 1000W RMS. So somehow eD rates this at 1300W - maybe they made some modifications?Anyways, at this point I am really leaning away from getting an LT/1300. Even if I did get one from daveds50 it would be in used condition (and it's still unknown if he has one w/o the subsonic filter)...
Looking around, it seems my best option would be to use the EP4000 as the sub amp (well reviewed, and it would be underloaded with my sub), and put an external crossover in the loop with low pass to sub and high pass to my monitors. Something like the Paradigm X-30 is EXACTLY what I need but it's discontinued.. It looks like the Behringer CX2310 would do what I want. Edit: It looks like this will bascially solve my problem. I can use the CX2310 to do the crossover, and...
Yeah, I'm actively looking for a replacement amp (NOT eD) but so far I can't find anything.. I would have no problem filling the hole and going to something like the EP2500/4000 but most outboard amps don't have a crossover which is what i need (stereo RCA in, stereo RCA out to powered bookshelves) - I made another thread for this but no replies yet edit: going to do this. fill hole in box, put on binding posts, use external EP2000 amp, and the behringer cx2310...
mostly towers/bookshelfs on the amazon page.. of course they don't have any amps
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