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Ktran11, I bought a Dyna PAS 3 last month with similar issues and sprayed the volume, balance, tone, etc. etc with Radio Shack's cleaner and lubricant and that took care of the problem. There is another brand online Deoxit through Amazon/Ebay, etc., but this works well.   Not sure if this is your problem, though.   Robert
Very happy with mine! Excellent for movies or 2 channel. No regrets!   Superior to the Onk 806 I had. Really enjoyed the 806, but Marantz, well......   So happy with the 7005  that I bought one of Marantzes two channel amps too,  the PM8003.   If you get the 7005, be sure to go with height speakers whatever you get and maybe even the wide option, Denon products are top notch as well.   Good luck!
Josh, have you ever thought of DIY? One can get a whole lot more and a whole lot better sounding 2 channel speakers. Let me know, I can make some suggestions. Robert
Hey Jeff, the Cyro-ed Tung-Sol sound very, very good in the 20L, those were the final tube purchase as I found what sounded the best for me. Robert
Thanks!' Actually casual/critical and yes the sub would have to be tamed indeed. The build I am thinking without a sub, (but a sub can be added later), is the Kairos 2 way by Jeff, so far this really seems to have good bass extension, but very pricey. His Continuum are simply outstanding, but need a sub with those. I do not mind a sub and really would not forsee any problems with one. Just love Source direct!!!!
Thanks Selden, the bass management is an issue with me, I have a direct servo in the theater, but I don't think it is set correct, but audyssey does a pretty good job for theater, since that is all I use it for anyway. I have Jeff Bagbys Triton TL towers there and for 2 channel they provide acceptable bass. I am not a "huge bass" kind of guy. I am just trying to figure out with the 8003 in the office, do I want a sub or 2 speakers with sufficient bass. Bass/trebble...
Ha Ha, you sound as bad as I am with wanting the best sound possible. Most do. Sounds like this set is will be in your theater area, right? I use the iphone5/ipad to stream Spotify Premimum and am extremely pleased with it. My Oppo is left out of the equaision completely. I have been very happy with Spotify and as I mentioned Marantz is also as they are including it along with several of their new units. AirPlay works really well with the 7005 since it does not have...
So, Selden Ball, Pure Direct/Source Direct....the same? I have been trying to find out if I am going to like a sub with the PM8003 2 channel, since I like Source Direct so much. Also, I really, really like SD on the 8003 and PD on the 7005 much better than stereo with a sub.
Good morning Gelly, and everyone! I have the 7005 in the theater and acquired a PM8003 for the PC 2 channel listening area. Along with that between the PC and Marantz I have a HRT Music Streamer II+ and am very pleased with it. I had the MSII then upgraded a couple of years ago. I highly recommend High Resolution Technologies, very nice company and people to deal with. For the money, they just can't be beat. And, they do not take up any room because of their small...
Thanks, JD, so would you say your comparison in using stereo mode with a sub and Source Direct without a sub, you prefer a sub? (Not Direct Mode).   I kind of understand what you are saying, but not totally.    I am getting ready to build a pair of monitors for 2 channel. I have two choices, one pair would not need a sub, but another would.    Since this is a small room, I would rather not have a sub.    Do you think you are missing some of the details SD...
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