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Good point. But is the model that comes with the TV available for purchase?
Pretty much! And that's why I have my TV strapped, lest it takes off or something! LOL...
Yes, 15 ft away AND with the volume up to 30-35!!! So, if you ONLY hear yours when the TV is muted and only from 6 ft or closer, you do NOT have a fan issue... Let it be.
Which of the three are the brightest or maybe I should say "the least dim"?
You guys don't seem to have the fan noise issue. Mine is audible with the TV sound at 30-35, from 15 ft away! Now that is what we're talking about when we say fan noise issue!
Actually, you don't want to buy the exact same ones that came with the set because the frame is so thin they don't block off enough light from the periphery. Also, I'm not sure they're available to be bought separately from the TV. The ones you want (and that are much better) are these:http://www.amazon.com/dp/B007EHI1DK/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_nS_ttl?_encoding=UTF8&colid=2SH7NTC8WTUCM&coliid=I1SJK1QU2WRBZY
I was the one who asked the insider on the other forum what was the total number of 65ZT60s produced. He did not reply to my question which tells me that he did not want to give an accurate answer. Then others chimed in and someone said it must be about 20000, to which the insider replied "its more than that, but less than 50000", hence the 20000 to 50000 estimate that's been quoted. I have no doubt that the insider could tell us exactly how many were produced if he...
Great info. I've added it to your case. Thanks. Regarding the bulletin, it is interesting that it says "country reported: USA" while at the same time using the European nomenclature for the "affected models"! Go figure...
Just added a case from the UK (the first known to be reported anywhere so far, so it sits at number 1 on our list).
Info added. Thanks Vinnie. Hey, would you by any chance have a link to the UK forum? I would be interested in asking those guys how many microfracture cases they know of. Maybe we can expand our database...
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