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+1The cloth covers are simply tacky.
Also, the sub mode is LFE and LPF for LFE is set to 120hz
Thanks JD! Setting the subs to auto when I re-ran Audyssey solved the problem. Just began watching 'A Good Day to Die Hard'. The final sub trim sounds rather subdued to me; I like my sub robust and punchy especially for action movies I was a little surprised though at the Audyssey results. Crossover on the fronts, center and surrounds was set at 40hz. Audyssey set the sub 1 speaker distance at 16.5ft and sub 2 at 9.4ft but neither sub is more than 8ft from the main...
Thanks! Who knows? This might be the perfect excuse to finally pull the trigger on the Marantz power amp I've been drooling over...
Finally hooked up X4000 ('like new' from Electronics Express) with 5:2 Pioneer set up - FS51 fronts, CS21 center, BS21 surrounds and SW8MK2 subs. While running Audyssey, test tones emanating from SL speaker were noticeably weaker than from all other speakers. Also, ran all 8 tests from different positions but Audyssey did not initially detect the subs - had to turn sub volumes to 5 o'clock and re-run 8th test. Not had time to actually listen to anything to see if sound...
When I click on 'display' on the remote, I get old school info (chapter no, time remaining etc) on my screen like Pioneer players from the 90s. But no progress bar like more recent Pios e.g. BDP320 or 23FD? How come? Is there any way to get the progress bar back? This is a big bummer for me.
Why not get a Panny 500 now and wait a few months till CES 2014 to get a sense for future AV trends? I personally would not pay more than $100 for any BD player at this point.Owner of 2 (two) Oppo 83 doorstops.
+1. I also buy older players sometimes used/refurb for this very reason.
You need something like this - http://www.hdfury.com/component-displays/
Batpig, when can we expect a full video review of the X4000 like your Youtube video reviews for the 2113?
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