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I never really asked either, is the flickering a flickering as if the lamp was going from bright to dim and back to bright really fast OR an image problem?
Just the one board then, well that is good. Did you have one or pick one up used?
What model is it? Maybe just a firmware update.
I replied back to your pm. Sorry I haven't check the board the last few days.
Pro71HD you have a pm.
The no fans I think is a major clue, I didn't look at the manual. I wonder if the power to turn on the fans and the color wheel come from the same source? I wonder if you have an open thermal sensor. Check your DVI cable too. You should have 5V at the color wheel and VCC and gnd at the fans - not sure what VCC stands for. I only see 12V and 3.3V coming into the light engine.
I know everyone likes to save some $$$ but $99 for a lamp and housing that you know WILL work isn't too bad. I am surprised on the phillips lamp going.
Might be the set, with an universal emitter I didn't have any problem - how far off to the side?
Do you have the old power supply? Has it worked at all since you did the work?
You can check the input voltage to the ballast and make sure it is steady, I think it is over 300 volts. You can't check the output unfortunately with most meters as it is 10,000-15,000 volts at start up. You could always just get a Mitsubushi lamp and housing, then you would be sure it just isn't the lamp - it still could be the lamp at this point. Ballast isn't a big deal to change out in most cases.
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