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But I think it interferes with the IR glasses. I noticed the same thing using the same glasses on my 736.
I take it as the main and ballast do not see the lamp enable signal - which makes sense because for the lamp enable signal to come, the color wheel and everything else has to be on and working. You aren't getting anything at all correct? No color wheel movement, any fans, anything? Did you check all your fuses and voltages on the PS? Did you do a reset?
I actually like win 8 for the most part, it is easy to customize. The only complaint I have so far is when I bring the computer out of sleep and click on the welcome screen, it goes to desktop instead of the start screen. Other than that, I have made all types of icons for the desktop and start screens - shutoff, sleep, restart, main programs, disk utilities, etc. I even made a shortcut icon to get to the start screen from desktop instead of the swipe to the bottom left ...
Personally, I'd try the big antenna and a good preamp with lots of gain vs. distribution amp before doing the tower.
The flicker is most likely the dlp link, not sure if you can shut it off on the 737, I couldn't on the 736 model.
Are you positive the lamp is seating the whole way in? Look at the connector where the lamp plug is and check to see if either end of it is damaged. Also make sure you lamp door switch is solidly made. I doubt you hurt the light engine in any way, ballast maybe if the phillips lamp went bad but still unlikely.
DVD recorder will do the trick, I have older panasonic ES10. It has been bulletproof . Only drawback is you have to record live, in other words, if the show is 1 hr. long, it will take 1 hr. to record it.
If it is off you will see it in the picture - the colors will be off. That will not cause the shutdown though. Did the color wheel come as just the wheel or wheel and rpm sensor?
Do you have a receiver/surround? If so a bluray or other player should play it and send the audio to the receiver to decode and play the audio.
The ballast can be replaced fairly easily, follow the wires from the lamp - the other end is the ballast If it didn't do it before the color wheel, then I'd go back and redo all of the connections that you touched when you did the color wheel. Could be the rpm sensor on the color wheel also.
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