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Just got mine, of course it doesn't come with a HDMI cable so I'm using component cables. Question, (mind you, note above) when setting it up it sends a resolution to the tv of 1080i (most my toshiba dlp can accept), BUT as soon as I start the movie - SD not bluray - it changed the resolution output to 480P???? Is it just the disc or something I missed? I can check what the tv is getting as far as input and it was 1080i while doing setup and went to 480P as soon as...
I rec. the Sonicview hd8000 or even the Pansat 9200hd, I think both have PVR functions and can view/rec. over the air HD content. I know for sure the sonicview does. As far as where to buy, any authorized dealer will work.. I don't think any can drive the old big dish motors though - not sure on that aspect.
You may have to make sure your DVD-RAM is CPRM compatible, some isn't. Also is this recording off of an antenna or cable co.?
The Sonicview HD8000 might do what you want. It will definitely record OTA or FTA to a usb hard drive - in HD. The manual also states automatic ntsc/pal detection and simple video converter - BUT I DON'T HAVE A PAL TV SO I CAN'T TEST THAT FUNCTION. Since it is a FTA receiver, I suspect it does work. And there is the screen to choose ntsc, pal, auto.
Thanks for the feedback jjeff. Like alot of people, I wanted to record OTA shows and watch them later OR had 2 on at the same time but different channels. I had to have HD recording though and while this isn't a fancy option, anyone that has ever used a VCR can use the sonicview. I'll have to take the time to start a new thread in the right area
I'd try it without the preamp first. The 7777 works fine but if you don't need that much amplification use the model below it.
You might want to run another line instead of diplexers if amplifying.. not sure if the amp would hurt you lnb's.
I have it set to record a show for 9AM (on ch. 4, it is currently on ch2), no epg info avail. So I want to see if a. it will record as set via time only b. change channels auto. for the recording Anything else you guys want checked out?
Not sure on scheduling recordings just using time, I haven't tried it but I think it can do it. I can try if someone is interested. A 500gig USB drive is about $69, that is alot of recording Granted, there are not any inputs, but what would you input anyways???
How well does the SV Hd-8000 work for OTA HD recording, well it works flawlessly. I have been using mine for quite a long time now. Has a built in ATSC tuner. Manual time can be set or auto, your choice. I wouldn't worry about the Dish suit, these units are 100% legal to own and use. Some individuals modified them to receive signals illegally.
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