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It was bought new in November 2011, and it still has warranty left on it (though I've not read the fine print on transferability, sorry).  I also posted a couple new pictures for the glasses and new bulb.
I'm selling an RS-65 that's been used in a well kept home theater.  It comes with eight pairs of 3D glasses and a spare lamp.  The lamp time on the current bulb is unknown since a family member reset it inadvertently, but I am including a new (unused) bulb.  The projector is in perfect shape.   I will ship to continental US, but pickup in Minnesota is preferred.
I've been using the lift for about a year now and have some updates for all of you guys!  The bottom line is that it's been working very well after I made one modification.   I found that the lift, without a solid resting point (it was resting at the end of the line, still hanging from the cable), was varying anywhere from nothing to about 2 inches on my screen.  That is the image would be higher or lower about 2" about 5% of the time I moved the lift. Half of the...
I thought I'd mention, for those with a 2.35 screen, there is a native mode in the game that supports that aspect ratio (21:9).  I use it as a demo in my room. :) 
That's awesome!  Good luck, person who roots for gophers and their vigilant mastication habits. :)
  Thanks guys!  We've been watching a ton of stuff down there.  Lately, we've hooked, AND I MEAN HOOKED, on The Killing.  Never before has any show been more addictive.  Holy smackers!  Oh, I just got the rug in today.  The boys love it, it's extremely soft.  I'll post pictures tonight/tomorrow.
Viva la brown!  :)   This is the lens I ordered, if anyone is interested: Neewer 0.45x 52mm Wide Angle Lens with Macro   Also, here is one of the images before and after I modified them, to give you an idea of what the lens does!  (obviously, the color temp and other adjustments were just a symptom of using the auto feature on my camera)         You know, I used my public dropbox account to publish these pictures.  I wonder if I should upload them here and link them...
Thanks, Fred.  That lens helps a lot, though, I had to do a bit of RAW file editing to get it to look less fish-eyed.  I tried to take a video or picture on my iPhone last night of me playing Bioshock Infinite because it has a native 2.35 mode (and looks amazing), but it just fails in all sorts of spectacular ways.  Heh. Thanks, BllDo! That's an awesome compliment, David.  Thank you! Trust me, I use it every night!  I even let the kids and wife use it a couple times per...
Time to call it, folks!  I'm finished with this major phase of my room.  Sure, I have other things to do, like a bar behind my seats and the kitchenette, but those will have to wait for another time.   To celebrate my completion, I bought a $12 wide angle macro lens for my Nikon and took some pictures!  I hope you enjoy them!   Also, you'll notice my new seats are in.  That's a long story that I'll share, maybe in another post...  Anyway, pictures!   I wanted...
Woohoo!   Brown, brown, brown... :)  Hey, I ordered a superty duper plush rug to go in between the seats and the stage. It matches the walls exactly.  That's comin' soon and should ease the 'brownness' of the room!
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