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Well folks -- it was a good run...but I had to let it go..... I kept having the random shutting off events and bought an LED. I actually planned on keeping the TV and putting it in the office - annoying that it would shut down, but it still worked. My brother and I were moving it into the garage and I didn't put enough screws in the back (cause I kept working on it) and it caught on a shoe, the rear cover / lower board flexed, and broke the end of the CRT off.....I'm glad...
Hit the dimmer button on the remote to turn it back on....I turned mine off due to the brightness
I would like to see an improvement in picture with the upconversion features.....if possible...or even if I could get my 46' Samsung 6100 LED Smart TV - look at least as good as my old Sony 34XBR800.... What would you guys/ gals say would be optimum settings for lower quality resources like 480p (I have a Gamecube, and Wii) and possible settings for really low quality like an (Atari Flashback, and YES a VCR )- which is likely 240i. Any ideas???
A BIG THANKS !!.........to all that replied to this thread !! .....but alas..... my XBR800 finally met its maker - my brother and I were moving it out of the living room into the garage and we mistakenly set the back of it down on a shoe - of all things - (with minimal screws holding the back on) and it snapped off the end of the CRT.....made some hissing noises and died ! I guess in a way it was meant to be - otherwise I would have continued to try and fix it...
I just bought my first Samsung LED and the flashlight corners (all of them) and clouding spots all in the middle are driving me nuts. Some folks don't care about these things, but I think I am going to bring it back and find a plasma (I do). I thought by waiting 2-3 years that they would have worked these bugs out. I wanted to wait until the OLED's come out cheaper, but I cant keep fixing my XBR800. Viewing angles are also poor and the image gets more washed out as you...
Weeeelllll..... The red issue is back, same as before. I am tempted to replace the red IC as noted above for $50, but hate to do so if it doesnt fix the issue. At this point I would almost rather put the $50+ towards an interim tv as a short term fix. I bought a cheap plasma from Target yesterday (left over Samsung PN43D450 from black friday) If you are interested check your local target and they may have some; most of the loacations here in GA have some- but they may...
I carefully re-soldered the red IC on the board and it seems to be working for now....Great post and I thank all of you for the replies (BIG HELP!) I am trying to keep this TV going as long as I can !!
COOL ! My issue is getting worse by the day....rubber mallet works until it happens again. Do you have any pictures of your repairs?? It helps me to visualize to do the repair....I want to try one last time --- I love the TV and I'm frustrated with the research I have been doing on the newer screens.....I'm primarily a gamer and all seem to have a lag of sorts other than the Plasma's (They dont seem as bright as the newer LED's) Where can I buy the IC?
I am having issues with this rear projector. I comes on ok, but slowly the picture starts to get barbled and continually worse....until all you see is broken random lines...Not sure how to upload pics I took. Here's the same http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DSi3qCNvzM Any suggestions???
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