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The fan on my 3576 started getting noisy about a year ago. It's in a spare room, so naturally I just ignored it. It continued to work fine and after 2 or 3 months the noise went away. I actually don't even know if the fan is still working, but the 9 hours of stuff I recorded on it over the weekend edited, dubbed and ripped without a hitch. I must be well into the thousands of hours of usage on that unit with no significant problems unless you count wearing out the remote...CC
Wouldn't a 2160A have to have the upgraded FW though? I would assume original FW would only see 160GB?CC
Maybe disabling storage reduces Amazon's licensing fee? I assume that's why tablets have micro-USB's that can only be used for charging?CC
I don't get it - what's the purpose of a USB port if not for storage? Maybe just the game controller? I assumed that was bluetooth like the remote...CC
Can someone refresh my memory on how to log in to the SMP? The password that works on the device doesn't work in the browser... Thanks, CC
I agree to the extent that my original purchase can be upgraded. The KFHDX7 is a fantastic device for the price (even still lacking an SD slot), but I'm glad I didn't spring for the original KF.As it is, for $99, the AFTV would at least have to do everything my WDTV SMP does. Being "new" isn't a valid excuse for not doing what others were doing 2 years ago.Don't get me wrong - I buy everything from socks to refrigerator filters on Prime, and I would love to see a $99...
At least, unlike the first Fire tablets, this device seems to have a great hardware platform, so the potential for significant FW enhancements is there. But I have my doubts that Amazon will commit to development of robust local content support. If their tablet business model is any indication, their only real interest is promoting sales of high-margin content...CC
Agreed - it's sounding more and more underwhelming, especially at $99 -unless I'm missing something I gotta believe we'll be seeing $79 or less "one day only" sales in the very near future.BTW, dumb question I'm sure but why don't any streamers support the free TV networks? I use PlayOn to record ABC, NBC etc TV episodes all the time. And anyone can watch them on a laptop, with or without a TV connected. So why do I need PlayOn to view them with my streamer?CC
For $99 it should be at least as good as the WDTV SMP. The 5Ghz WiFi band could be a big plus for some users.If it's android-based, maybe it will have a browser?I expect to see steep discounts pretty quickly - I got a KFHDX7 for $50 off a couple of weeks after it came out. Also, Amazon quickly upgraded the Fire from a toy to a top-tier device - hopefully whatever shortcomings this streamer has will be improved just as quickly...BTW I use PlayLater to record Prime (and all...
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