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As a long time user of Cyberlink, my recommendation is to look at the top of the Cyberlink screen. You'll find Capture, Edit, Produce, and Create Disc. I find it best to create my production with titles, transitions, sound, etc., and then go directly from the raw (but edited) files to the final product. If your goal is a disk, then select Create Disc. There you can select the type of disk you want to produce and several others settings that allow you to match the raw...
I took my V700 to a concert last night. The band was a Heart Tribute band. Heart is one of my favorites and they were just inducted into the R&R Hall of Fame this year. Two of the members of this band were part of the original Heart band and they certainly rocked the house last night. They did most of the Heart hits from the 70s and 80s. One nice thing about the V700 is the fast bright lens that kept up with the dimming light as the sun went down. https://vimeo.com/72979457
https://vimeo.com/70632192 First time I took the V700 to an outdoor concert. We were pretty far back from the stage but the 42X zoom did a great job of getting me closer. Although the acoustics were good where we were sitting, the camcorder didn't do a great job on the audio. There was of course a lot of ambient sounds plus the distance from the speakers to contend with. Perhaps an external microphone would improve the sound quality. Anyway, each outing is a learning...
I just looked at the segments you noted but did not see any jumping. I have in the past noted such jumping if my computer is busy doing some other task at the time that I'm playing a video.
Today was the first warm, sunny day we've had since I bought the camcorder last Winter. I took advantage of the opportunity to take it with me and give it a workout. https://vimeo.com/64769233
So now you know you will have to produce both versions; DVD and HD. You can buy plastic DVD cases that can hold 2 disks. You've probably seen those cases where one disk is for HD and the other for standard DVD video playback.
Hi, I'm not familiar with the Pixela program. However a few thoughts. Your camcorder records HD video. Your intent is to play the videos on a TV so the first question is whether the TV is HD or not. If it is HD, the next question is does it have a DVD player capable of playing HD video? To play HD video you need both a player and TV capable of producing HD quality. The answers to these questions will determine the format your will need to produce. If both TV and player...
Do you already have a digital camera for photographs? If so, you could try taking some videos with it. You may find that it does a pretty good job and you won't need to buy a camcorder.
Perhaps I'll be able to get to that test one of these days. With this first attempt I was mainly trying to see if the thing worked. Strangely I got a warning from the LCD when I turned the camcorder on that the mic would block out part of the picture. But it wasn't true because the mic isn't long enough to extend out into the area where the lens would be partially blocked. I'm guessing that anytime a mic is plugged into the jack this message appears on startup. Now that I...
I wanted to dip my toe into the world of improved audio. So I ordered an el cheapo external microphone from China on eBay. It arrived today and I put it on my Panasonic HC-V700 to compare the audio with the internal microphone. https://vimeo.com/58414394 To my ear, the external microphone produces clearer audio.
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