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Hey all, Looking for an Oppo Blu-ray player. Ideally, I'd like a BDP-9x with box and accessories, but will take pretty much anything. Please let me know what you have and asking price. Thanks!
16:9 aspect ratio
This auction is for a great Monster Power Home Theater PowerCenter HTS 5000. RATING: 7/10 It is used and everything works perfectly. It is in very nice shape and has some minor cosmetic blemishes. Please note that these are stock pictures. ORIGINAL MSRP: $599 This is a very sought-after model, since it has a mechanical meter, not an LED readout in the center of the panel, which MANY folks prefer...it's cool retro looking, yet very high-tech in its protection of your...
Cast Optical Acrylic, creating an indescribable amazing deep viewing experience. Actually, I can describe it with just one word, "Wow." This front projection screen fully maximizes the projector's capability delivering the projected light forcibly to the viewer with a most real image. The contrast and sharpness of this front projection screen is breathtaking. Hidden in a projector company's booth was a front projection screen that defies ambient light. The Accuon screen...
You are looking at one SIM2 HT300E projector - item is USED, MSRP Of $10,995. THIS IS A VERY CLEAN UNIT IN THE RARE COLOR OF ROYAL BURGUNDY! Includes original projector box, original box for accessories, original remote (w/batteries), original AC power cables (US, UK, EU) for the projector, instruction manual (English and Italian). The lamp has 1,585 hours on it. It has an estimated life of 8,000 hours (as stated by the factory). 720p/1080i resolution. I ALSO HAVE AN...
For sale is a fully assembled Salamander Synergy Triple 20 A/V in Walnut / Aluminum. FACTORY MSRP of $1,683 + shipping + tax. CURRENTLY UP FOR AUCTION ON EBAY UNDER USERNAME KES935. This comes with perforated steel doors, a media drawer, and extended rears (for additional ventilation and cables). I can also include the standard black rears as well. There are some minor scratches and dings and I have rated it accordingly as a 7/10. Please see the pictures. 1. a new top...
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