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Logic is logic, regardless of what YOU know of the industry when it comes to steady state test signals as JHAz explained, please.
DEQ and RLO is your's to discover. Tri (try) it!
Then, my system must be a lemon, coz I've never experienced such haywire even though in a living room setup in an apartment building I can never go to the "extremes" like 0 dB ref. level, but typically listen to movies at -15 dB. I still fear some exaggeration of this so called surround boost.
Not true jjazdk, even at -3dB DEQ can do a lot when the sounds of the contents are becoming soft, don't forget how DEQ works. -3 dB MV does not mean everything is played at an SPL 3 dB below reference. But you know that!
I think I'll leave you here with your beliefs. No need to discuss further. You are not using words a science forum requires. Take care!
OK, let's get down to it. Although you don't seem to want to u'stand the two tier feature of DEQ due to unknown reasons, I don't know what you mean by saying surrounds are twice as loud.How loud should they be? Half? How do you get to that conclusion? This is a surround sound system where sounds do have their way around us, not only up front.I know some prefer to have a sound stage between Front Left and Right with something called "ambiance" coming from surrounds (or...
Farley1 , did you get the first part of my post? Whaddaya think?
Need to remind the gang here that it all started with Fletcher and Munson back in the '30s at Bell Labs when they found that human ears' sensitivity to frequencies depends on level. Then jumping a couple of decades we arrive to Audyssey Labs where they made the "good old" loudness compensation theme into a two tier solution. First tier looks at the MV setting and compensates for the ears' curves accordingly, then comes the second tier where at any given MV setting the loud...
Try to attach the USB device to the Pioneer instead of the TV,...well,... provided the Pioneer has a USB socket.
A fantastic and clean setup indeed madhuski. Pleases the eyes definitely, something we all love to see. Something more: 1. Anything special in mind when you placed the sub with driver facing the left wall? 2. Did you run Audyssey on the Denon AVR-4311? How does it sound? Thanks again for sharing. An honorable mention goes for the quality of the photos posted. P.s.: When you have time please visit my living room setup. (Link in my sig)
New Posts  All Forums: