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Thanks for your cooperation batpig and D Bone.
Those were the days my friend, we thought they'd never end. La la la la, la la la la la la
Thank Jerry. You are absolutely right. R.I.P. to all.Sent from my Samsung smartphone from the grave.
Hi tacodan. Let's just give your query a bump.
Today I have been accused of having bad ears, bad memory,...now I'm also blind. All done on a forum that has an "S" in it's logo that stands for 'Science". I'm really afraid to go to sleep tonite, not knowing what tomorrow will bring. All th e b est to y...Err, I just died!
bp, I said nobody's report has been proven that it is due to "flawed design", didn't I?
As far as I can remember nobody has reported such "leaves of trees" type of HF error in their non-XT32 versions of MultEQ that can be attributed to your vague explanation of something you call a "flawed design". Best would be to put this issue to rest.
This is not a scientific explanation my dear Igor, you know nothing about my (or any other's ears), so as primetimeguy said, we can only disagree.
Igor, you are still not expanding on what errors are being caused and how they can be tested/heard by our ears. Last time you came up with leaves of trees in between speakers and listener, but I told you I have not experienced such phenomenon in my less than XT32 version of MultEQ. Without being clear this discussion in meaningless.
Do your own listening tests.
New Posts  All Forums: