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Toofast, the problem of Internet Forums is what you are facing now. There are always members who think they know a product better than it's creators and have a tendency to make exaggerated conclusions. The best you can do is ignore. The higher the version of Audyssey the better the quality is. That's all.
FAQ says:"Conclusions and summaries.Most of the information above is, of essence, quite technical. The conclusion that many of us have drawn from this evidence is that XT is fundamentally flawed and that XT32 should be seen as a replacement product for XT not simply an evolution of it. Members are recommended to review the evidence posted above and to conduct their own measurements and listening tests before they make a decision as to whether to upgrade to XT32 or not."It...
So, Igor, ...can you expand on "some HF error" or not? If not , it's no problem, life will go on.
No it is not, there is no extended description of the word "some", you know it! Please elaborate with your deep knowledge so that the FAQ can be upgraded for the benefit of all readers. Hope it's not too much to ask. TIA.
Dear Igor, care to expand on what you mean by "some HF error"? Please put emphasis on the word "some". TIA.
I fear some technical misunderstanding here gg. Acoustical multi-point measurements are not supposed to be conducted in order to replicate what Audyssey has done, but are a principle for gathering information of the acoustical space around us. Don't forget the difference between mic and our two ears, please. When several point tests are made and then averaged they will much more represent what we hear. Audyssey or no Audyssey doesn't matter.FYI, I was one of the initial...
When doing own measurements you are not limited to Audyssey. Please note, you may even do 300+ measurements at different places in space, thought that would not be practical. In the meantime, please do not misunderstand the meaning of averaging. You are not supposed to average the measurement results of each speaker (as you say: "two for each speaker and then average the 6"), but take several different mic position measurements in your room for each speaker individually,...
Hey toofast, are these a one point measurement or an averaged multipoint result of placing mic at several different positions? As you might also be aware of the fact that a single mic measurement does not show what our double ears on our hear perceive with a close cooperation of our brain, the graphs may easily mis-interpret such above phenomena. Seed for thought!
Gary, I suppose you are using "you" in a plural form, like "You Guys". Remark: as you know English is not my first language!
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