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Thanks for the reply. I just returned from vacation. No, the switcher is not yet installed. The timing is off because one source is traveling faster than the other. I am using digital video and analog audio.Yes it does but, the audio is not coming from the SDI camera. It is coming from the broadcast soundboard and the two have no connection at this point. I am pretty sure that simply connecting the audio to the switcher's audio input won't solve the problem. That is what I...
Is there an easy way to delay the video so that it travels out of the Panasonic MX-70 video switcher in sync with the audio? Perhaps a setting in the MX-70? Thanks again!
I'm sorry. I guess I wasn't being clear. That is precisely what I want to do but the audio and video do not reach the recorder at the same time (one being analog and the other being digital). So, if I record it, as is, it will be recorded out of sync. I should note that I don't want to convert the sdi video to analog as that would ruin the excellent image quality we currently have. Thanks!
Hi everyone, I hope I am posting this under the correct topic. Our church records a 4 camera shoot of our weekly worship service using digital cameras (sdi). We currently capture each camera to a separate PC (just video). We record the audio from an analog soundboard into a Tascam DVRA1000 in the form of a wav file. We use a clapboard to sync all four cameras and the audio. When I post-edit, I simply line up the audio snap with each of the visual snaps. Takes about...
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