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I just got the motorola dcx3501-m from charter and am trying to do the service menu change so I don't have black bars around my SD channels but I cant select anything to make a change when I use the arrow keys nothing happens? Do they have it locked so you cant make changes?
Any news with the Tivo deal?
Yeah i just got them to give me the refund because my TV had not shipped yet. I wouldn't bank on it being at that price tomorrow or even the next hour knowing them.
Just a FYI for anyone amazon has a good deal on the PN58C7000.
I just got it today. I guess now we have to wait another year or two and hope we get some good HD channels.
Any new HD channels coming to 54166, and any plans for getting ESPN 3D
Has anyone done any input lag testing with your TV?
Umatter2charter Any new HD channels coming to Wisconsin?
I think most of the TVs you listed have reflective screens that would not work good in a sunny room. I would look at the LG 55LH90 it is led backlit and has a full matte screen.
The samsung UN46B8000 is a $1,000 off at best buy right now.
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