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Again I still don't think they would have rising black levels. I thinks thats done permanently., The press release is still the panasonic status quo.
I was thinking about the effect of the patch on rising black levels too, but I doubt they'll return because of this patch. Panasonic put out a presser about the issue, and I can't see them rise again with CNET testing them long term and the company's public/official stance on the matter.
Its definitely an 8G Kuro killer, idk about 9G though
Do the black levels OOTB start higher and slowly lower like CNET indicated? It seems like their readings are off.https://spreadsheets.google.com/spre...3c&output=html
So this is the improvement to the QDEO processing that we have been waiting for? Thanks
Is regular old 480i DVD scaling improved?Thanks
HAHA that's funny. People also said "a few weeks" to the rising and floating black issues. Same old game
I know that the ST30 and GT30 share the same panel. So, Panasonic has artificially raised the black level on the ST30. I was just wondering if the ST30 service menu has an option for "VSUS" like my 2010 G25 does. There is a high and low option on the G25. Maybe if it is prsent on the 2011 models, it is placed on high in the ST30 and Low on the GT30, allowing for an artificially raised MLL. I know that the picture and black level is brighter on the G25 with this option on...
I don't understand the issue.... The guy said that black levels no longer rise..... "There's now no black level shift to compensate for stabilising brightness levels after initial use"
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