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After the Kentucky-Michigan game, I watched every bit of KTXA/21.2-MeTV's Sunday Night Noir (my idea of Must-See TV) . Not a single dropout or a glitch of any type.
And some of the locals were getting slammed by the tropo, notably KFWD. Check out the link below before things settle back down to normal with the cold front:http://m.rabbitears.info/index.php?request=tvdx_grid&tid=101A67C8&tno=0&sort=rfch&hours=24&tzone=CT
No. K31GL is on Milton (American Tower), just behind the fire station on Belt Line. That's where the main cluster of antennas are located, originating from the Hill Tower project of the 1950s. KDAF and a host of others are out near the Ellis County line on Richland South, the same site that KERA will be using when they make their move off the current tower near Cedar Hill High School.
What you described happened twice tonight during "Columbo", a two-hour program. It's less than what I recall when KTXD had MeTV. One notable improvement is that the local joins are more seamless than on the former affiliate when several seconds of network content were lost, It's almost like the time-of-day clock was never synchronized during the London Broadcasting era. In any case, with SNF now gone, KTXA has put Sunday night television back into my habits.
As a heads up for those following the ongoing signal charts from my Frisco location at this URL... http://m.rabbitears.info/index.php?request=tvdx_grid&tid=101A67C8&tno=0&sort=rfch&hours=1&tzone=CT ...the antenna configuration has been unchanged since April 2013 and consists of this attic setup: Antennas Direct 91XG (UHF) aimed at Cedar Hill Winegard YA-1713 (VHF-High) aimed at Cedar Hill Antennacraft Y10-7-13 (VHF-High) aimed at Madill, OK for KXII The two VHF...
And here's more about that great MeTV news: http://www.broadcastingcable.com/news/local-tv/me-tv-finds-new-dallas-home/128034
K31GL has always been my most troublesome station from those our at Cedar Hill. It's on the same tower (Milton) as all of the other Landover (MAKO) stations and shares an antenna with KHPK. Both the Sencore and the HDHR show it as being the lowest of them all in terms of raw signal strength. On the other hand, in spite of the ugly looking chart that JHBrandt cited, it comes in quite well on an actual television on the rare times that I even turn on the TV and the even...
Yes. Channel 11 signed on as WIIC, then owned by the Post-Gazette and affiliated with WWSW radio.
Yes WTOV/9 from Steubenville is on RF-9 and Wheeling's WTRF/7 is on RF-7.
Try Trip Ericson's site:http://m.rabbitears.info/index.php?request=tvdx_list
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