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I guess that's all I really care about. He's a pretty simple dude, I'm shocked he wants this in the first place. I'm going to have bestbuy price match neweggs 164.99 and go from there. If it doesn't do what he needs/wants then I'll just return it. Thanks for the help Michael.
I guess one more question... Without the decoding of HD audio, will he still get sound from all 5 speakers and the sub woofer?
Quote: Originally Posted by MichaelJHuman It says it's an HDMI 1.4 repeater. That implies it handles HDMI audio, but not lossless decoding. I would think most current players could decode audio as needed thus working as expected. Of course, it contains the weakest power supply of all Yamaha receivers, but you are probably aware that it's power will be somewhat limited at that price point. Make sure it's not missing anything else, as it seems pretty...
I am helping a friend build a surround sound system in hopes of preventing him from buying "that really awesome 1000 dollar bose system on TV" I have a used Polk 5.1 system I'm going to set him up with so it's just down to the receiver. The Yamaha RX-V367 will do the trick as far as inputs and power but it doesn't look like it does any HD decoding. I'm not sure what that means. What will that prevent him from doing? It's on sale right now for 165 at NewEgg which...
Really? No one has any input on this?
I just got a new DVR/HD box from Comcast. It's the DCX 3400. I also have a Harmony 890. I plugged a 3.5mm cable into the IR Input on the back but the box won't receive the signal from the wireless extender. I went into the "Configuration" menu on the DVR and I see that it says "IR Blast: No" I'm not sure if that indicates the IR Input is diabled so I called Comcast and asked how to enable the IR Input. The lady said that the feature is disabled. I asked her why...
yeah we should really start making a database of what receiver offers what... The manufacturers website only said OSD, or at best GUI OSD. With so many receivers offering iPod docks these days knowing what type of OSD GUI is avaliable may sway one from receiver a to receiver b.
Quote: Originally Posted by palehorse I have yet to see abetted iPod integration than that found on the pioneer 1120 -- the USB/iPod input even throws coverart onto the TV! That sounds like what I'm looking for!! If you have a few spare minutes would you mind snapping a photo or two? And can you address my concerns with the Harmony integration?
Yeah definitely find out for sure before hand. The unit I dealt with didn't cycle EVERY input, just the HDMI inputs. There were several, 5 or 6 I believe. As I stated, on my Denon I can select HDMI 1 or HDMI 2. On the Pioneer I could only select HDMI and it would cycle through the multiple HDMI inputs. The Pioneer remote itself had direct selection but I tried and tried for the longest time to find a way to make it work on the harmony and could not.
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