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Anyone know of any good shops online? I need to get a XL-2100U bulb for a Sony KF-50WE610 tv. Thanks.
my dad wants something that will LAST and does at least 7.1. he had an Onkyo that died (my friends on his third Onkyo). think my dad should look into a NAD? maybe something like... http://www.crutchfield.com/p_745T748V2/NAD-T-748V2.html thanks
heres the 3 tvs that ive had problems with... JVC JLC47BC3000 (LCD) = had 2 bright spots on it, and a few, brighter, angled streaks Vizio E472VLE (LCD) = had 2 bright spots on it, and a bunch of brighter, vertical streaks Samsung UN50EH6000F (Backlit LED) = has 1 large, brighter spot, right in the middle of the screen
lol, yah, im blown away!
a little bit. adjusting the Lip Sync on the TV or my Panasonic BluRay player (DMP-BDT220) didnt seem to do a whole lot tho.
i just returned that tv. my lip sync was off a bit too but the biggest problem i had with that tv, was spots and streaks in the pic. the streaks were very noticeable when the pic panned across the sky or walls. i could even seem them on close ups of peoples faces, if they moved around a little. tho they were very faint, once i spotted them, i picked up on them a lot also, when i loaded up the Netflix app, when the Netflix logo comes up and the screen is full of red,...
yesterday i returned the Vizio and picked up the Samsung UN50EH6000, a backlit LED tv from Costco and sure enough, theres a big light spot, about the size of a human head, right in the middle of the screen in disbelief, once again
im wondering the same thing. ive bought two 47" 1080p LCD TVs in the last few months, and they both looked veiled/blotchy. but thats one of the reasons i bought them at Costco. Costco wont try and screw you over if you want to return something you dont like
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