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The basic response is kind of flat out to 200 Hz. I am surprised it's not flatter given the digital equalization, so I suppose you could say it's 'voiced'. The burst response, on the other hand, looks like a profile of Mount Fuji.
Here we have the "Audioquest" defense: don't pay attention to those pesky third party measurements, this here anecdote should more than suffice to prove our product's superb performance! followed by a personal attack, because there is nothing so refreshing as an argument by anecdotal evidence followed by an ad hominem chaser.
What is dumb is the XV15 will have the 40 to 60 Hz output of a Plus, but it has worse 20 Hz performance than a NSD, yet PSA would claim it is somehow on the level of the Plus?! The NSD was a better sub and the 2000 is probably a much better sub.
It shouldn't affect the mid bass response that much, and here I am saying mid bass is like 50 Hz to 80 Hz or so. The difference should be strongest from 20 Hz to somewhere in the 30s. Compare the various measurements for the PB13 Ultra to see how variable tuning impacts output.
So according to the guy selling the XV15, the XV15 is better? Your source is unimpeachable. So much for third party data, all of which state a different case.
There isn't anything much to justify that. The XS15 might have more output around 50 Hz, but that is likely it. The SB13 and ULS-15 will massively outperform it in every other respect.Why would the XV30f have more output then the regular XV30? The XV30f has less internal volume, if anything it should have less output.
I had read about their merging but somehow I forgot about it. Surprised Brent isn't doing any more measurements for them, if that's the case. It would be a shame, he is one of the only guys doing quantitative measurements for reviews, what is especially nice is his measurements for AVR amplifiers.Lol, it would be nice wouldn't it. The only testing that makes a difference is Ricci's. He charges money for sub testing, which, compounded with the fact that most sum...
Wow, I would have lost my mind if someone did that to me. I can hardly imagine how you must have felt.
I wouldn't attribute whatever Sound And Vision publishes or doesn't publish to any trust issues with Brent's measuring techniques. It is much too speculative to say otherwise, unless you kn ow something I don't. Personally I doubt Sound and Vision cares about measurements at all.
People swear by velvet covered cables that have quantum dust coating as well.
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