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You do not want to use two speakers as a center, that would have a bad effect on the sound and also present a very heavy load on your receiver. And no, you do not want to use RS speakers for any extraneous channels past a simple pair of surrounds. In fact, you do not even want to use RS speakers as back surrounds, as doing so will defeat the point of having both a side surround and back surround speaker channels. The ideal surround sound system is identical speakers for...
Very cool stuff! thanks for sharing! A ton of great information there.
The advantages of ported subs are not minimized in a small room. A small room can shore up deep frequencies from subs, but a ported sub will always have the extra headroom from its ports. A small sealed sub will always struggle in deep bass, even in a small room, unless the volume is low. For anyone interested in loud deep frequencies, ported always makes the most sense, even in small rooms.
The p163s fluctuate in price, and right now they are at a pretty good price, so if that is the setup you are interested in, I wouldn't wait too long to get the speakers.
The Infinity's have a more forward sound. It seems like the treble is a bit hotter on the Infinities. The Infinities have more dynamic range too, but they draw more current from the amplifier, as they are a less resistive load. Your Yamaha will handle them just fine though. I would say if you have a large room, go for the Infinities, but if its a small room, the Pioneers ought to do well. Some Fry's stores have both these setup to demo, if you have a Fry's near you, go...
An AT screen setup changes things a bit. In the case of an AT screen, forget standard toppled MTM center speakers (the horizontal layout speakers). Use a vertical speaker as a center, of the same speaker that you use for your left and right fronts. So if you use, say, a Klipsch RB-61 and your left and right, use one for the center as well. It will perform better and save you money too.
I would still be hesitant to use these numbers in such a close comparison. As a rough comparison, maybe, but as I have argued in the past, CEA tests are not precise enough for comparison out to single decibels, especially for tests done by different people.
I would skip both setups. First of all, the subwoofers are just not very good. Secondly, there is no reason to pay the premium for tower speakers if you have a subwoofer. The only real advantage tower speakers have over bookshelf speakers is deeper bass extension, but subwoofers will be covering that bass range which towers hold over bookshelfs, so it will do you no good. Third, I would not go with bipoles or dipoles in a 7 channel setup. They are better for surround...
Oh I think you should spend many tens of thousands of dollars on a sound system you don't really care for. That is what I would do.
So I was going through a set of tutorials on youtube for some computer stuff just now, and the videos are separated into 10 minute youtube clips. Each clip starts with some kind of automated advertisement, I usually try to skip past em, but I was preoccipied with something else before I could in this instance, and my subwoofers go WHOOP WHOOP and startled me. The commercial had the deep bass mixed so hot, I haven't heard any advertisement like this before. I looked for and...
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