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I gave them a call on my break today. THey going to come by tomorrow morning and see if they can fix the problem and replace the box if they have to. They did tell me that it is the box, that I probably do have a bad box.
I have 2 boxes like this! Man I guess I gotta go all the way to Oakland then...Again... My parents got a box as well, and they got the DVR but not the HDTV one but they have the same problem. So since it was on 2 boxes I figured we could fix the problem... Since I'm going to be working today and tomorrow I will prob give them a call on Sunday since everything else works, I can deal with it for now. I will keep you posted.
Ok I had the old box which was 4300 I believe (scientific atlantic). I just upgraded to HDTV explorer 8300. I cannot seem to access the guide because when I hit the guide button, it just says loading with the IO symbol for a good period of time before turning off and if it does work it just shows an empty slot and says no item available. What can I do to fix this? I never had a problem with the old box like this. I only got the guide up one time with this box. When I...
I just upgraded from the IO box to the HDTV Explorer 8300... I got it all set up but where the clock is supposed to be it has H and in to the left of it is constantly changing numbers which I assume means its installing but its been going on for almost an hour already. The book says it take several minutes, so how long can I expected to wait for this?
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