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I think you can find coupon when you search them [IMG]http://www.*****************/trafficreport/img/3721/k08t1221bbuq/gdsmile.gif[/IMG] maybe google them..
My bro will love this [IMG]http://www.*****************/trafficreport/img/3721/k08t1221bbuq/gdsmile.gif[/IMG] Will tell him after he get back.
I agree. [IMG]http://www.*****************/trafficreport/img/3721/k08t1221bbuq/gdsmile.gif[/IMG] I go to 54" if I have that money. I'm also saving one for next month.
Nice [IMG]http://www.*****************/trafficreport/img/3721/k08t1221bbuq/gdsmile.gif[/IMG] I will also be glad to hear your update of its pros and cons.
It's hard to find an original copy of that now, I'm also not sure if it is also out as a dvd. [IMG]http://www.*****************/trafficreport/img/3721/k08t1221bbuq/gdsmile.gif[/IMG]
When we got our new panasonic it really made us excited. We got it with a big discounts and it has quality picture and sounds. [IMG]http://www.*****************/trafficreport/img/3721/k08t1221bbuq/gdsmile.gif[/IMG]
Thanks. I need more info about this stuff.
This is a good one [IMG]http://www.*****************/trafficreport/img/3721/k08t1221bbuq/gdsmile.gif[/IMG] I've been waiting for this.
Will try that, cause I'm always at the center. I thought it was the best place to sit in a theater.
Hope they will be what the people expected to. I also can't wait to have one.
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