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That reply was also helpful to me too.
Its probably a decent LCD, I'll waitch for this one too
I agree with you. [IMG]http://www.*****************/trafficreport/img/3721/k08t1221bbuq/gdsmile.gif[/IMG] I've heard a good feedback from my friend too.
I've also got mine for $280+ [IMG]http://www.*****************/trafficreport/img/3721/k08t1221bbuq/gdsmile.gif[/IMG] well its ok..
I'll keep myself updated with this thread [IMG]http://www.*****************/trafficreport/img/3721/k08t1221bbuq/gdsmile.gif[/IMG]
Dark Sector is probably the best game out there [IMG]http://www.*****************/trafficreport/img/3721/k08t1221bbuq/gdsmile.gif[/IMG]
I really like Samsung LN40B630 [IMG]http://www.*****************/trafficreport/img/3721/k08t1221bbuq/gdsmile.gif[/IMG]
I remember when we first get the 54 V10, we really get excited too.
I like the third pic too. Congrats for the new set.
Oh I know that movie but I don't know Steve Buscemi. Well, he is really good director if he directed that movie.
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