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I too have a hard time getting 5. And the news this morning surprised me too.
How about checking it for yourself too before buying. Even if we give advice it is still your decision if you will buy it. My advice is to test it first then decide. It should have a good picture and sound quality.
I am too. When can this dream come true?
Wow, lots of sponsors, but where can I get a cheaper one? Any idea?
Lol. My sister doesn't want the black either.
Yeah! its kinda like that, but for me I like samsung..
Thanks. I'm looking for this one [IMG]http://www.*****************/trafficreport/img/3721/k09f0423lglc/b.gif[/IMG]
What? It's really sad. But, always look at the brighter side. [IMG]http://www.*****************/trafficreport/img/3721/k08t1221bbuq/gdsmile.gif[/IMG]
It depends on your place on what brand you will get. panasonic for me [IMG]http://www.*****************/trafficreport/img/3721/k08t1221bbuq/gdsmile.gif[/IMG], Though I like sony, but, I can't easily find sony center here.
I'll look for that stores where sony xbr7 have good deals.
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