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Is the fix for the smart hub flash problem out yet ?
Mine still has the smart hub flash. I have firmware 1025I hope they fix this sooner or later.
Has the Smart Hub "Flash" been resolved? My set is still doing it. How can I update the smart hub manually?
Will you loose any sleep when the Smart Hub stays on permanently and there is nothing you can do but wait on lame ass Samsung for repair or an update? What's next in Samsung's line of poor updates?
I would feel 200% better if Samsung did not release updates with bugs in them that harm our expensive sets.
Just called Samsung support about the Smart Hub flashing and she had no clue about this problem. Her answer was do another factory reset which I declined. I'll wait and see what the next smart hub update brings.
I don't have a network cable attached, just Wi-Fi.
This just started with my set yesterday after the smart hub updated it's self. Maybe the next update will fix this problem or add even more problems
How do I turn off the Wi Fi on this set? Every time this set updates there is a new problem.
1024 and this just started the other day. How do I disable the Wi-Fi to the smart hub?
New Posts  All Forums: