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I have the UN60ES7100 and it has a chrome edge and about 1/2" black border on the front. There is a clear border between the black front & chrome sides.
I believe that they do. We already have 2 HD receivers from Direct and our bill is like $100. a month already. I might hook it up to an over the air antenna and see what I get.
Sounds like a good idea but we have DirecTV and I don't think we will get anything without another HD box from Direct.
Purchased the UN60ES7100 at HHgregg a couple of weeks ago and I see now that they are giving away a free 19" Samsung LED with this set. Went by there today and they gave me the free 19 inch LED. It's model number is UN19D4003 and I was wondering if anyone has this little TV? Worth keeping as a spare set or dump it on Craig's list for a quick $100. What you think?
Does Samsung after a while stop updating the firmware on their TV's? I have the old UN55C8000 and I notice the latest firmware update is over a year old. I'm not complaining, just something I was wondering about.
You talking about an HD picture or standard definition picture?
ELMO, what panel does your 60" have? Mine has an HS01. What is the difference between the TS01 & HS01 panels?
Anyone update to firmware version 1016.4 yet? Any improvements on anything?
I want does not mean that I'm going to purchase one
I want
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