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It's an Aries II.
Thanks Ron. I actually decided on a Parasound A51. 250 watts/channel, 1st 7 watts in class A then class A/B. I'll post my impressions after playing with it.
Thanks for the info. It's one thing to go blind and buy an amp that's designed in a manner I'm familiar with, but it's a lot harder for me to do the same with a technology I have no first hand experience with. That being said, I've heard nothing but great things regarding Spectron, so I'll do some further digging. What about Classe? In particular, the CA5200?
Thanks Barry. I'm hesitant to go Class D, which is why I've stayed away from manufacturers like Spectron, W4Sound and Bel Canto so far. But I've read mixed things about the MC205, so I'm struggling to find the right match.
Curious if anyone has experience pairing Mac amps with Gallo speakers. I have 5 Stradas in my HT setup and am looking to replace my current Sherbourne 5/1500A amp. High on my list is the MC205, but I'm hesitiant to pull the trigger without getting a better understanding of the synergy between these two. Demoing is, regrettably, not an option for me. Thanks, David
I've been considering a PCM4222 from Ross Martin Audio.
Thanks. I assumed they did not need toe in for the same reasons, but oddly the diagram provided by Gallo has them fully angled to the listening spot, which I thought was very odd.
My 5 Ref Stradas arrived yesterday. I'll be using these in an HT setup with a B&W ASW CDM sub, a Sherbourn 5/1500A 200wpc amp and an Anthem Statement D2v. The amp is subject to upgrade. Question regarding placement of the front L/R. Both are hanging on a wall less than 1 foot away from the nearest side wall (i.e., close to a corner placement). They look great, but I'm starting to think that the tweeter may need more room. Does anyone familiar with the Stradas...
Can someone please tell me what the center reference strada measures when on it's table top stand? Thanks.
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