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I called BB last night and the MGR said come on down no problem we'll make this right & have the C450 waiting for you. Sure enough, when I arrived he was royally kissing my phat ass too He was a little guy, I'm 6'5" so that might of been another reason But obviously this needed to get done & I'm glad they didn't even hesitate to make it right. BB is not so bad after all.
BB just swapped me the 50C450, they initially sold me a B450 by mistake. The Manager apologized for the mix-up and I must say that the shipping box was lighter/smaller than the B450 one. Must be because this has a single piece of glass vs the B450, which has 2. I set this up in our bedroom & with all the lights on there is definitely a lot of reflection, but easily managed by a simple flick of the switch and all is well. I'm doing it right this time with the...
I was told that the PN50C450 is a departure from the B450 PQ and that the C450 isn't any better and has less pop. Who is right then? check out this post: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...8#post18368248
Actually, last year's model is listed on the BB "OUTLET" page @ $799.99, which is more than I paid.
Well I thought I bought a PN50C450B1D, the receipt said I did, but the SKU on the receipt is different than the SKU on the box. Additionally, the box does state PN50B450, not the "C". How did the BB guy @ the front, as you walk out, whose job is to check that the SKU's match up. WTF? BB!! Is the 2009 model better than the 2010? This is so STRANGE Any thoughts? The '09 does have the "FilterBright Anti-Glare Technology" & the 2010 PN50C450 has E³-panel single filter...
Just bought a PN50C450 @ BB. It was the best looking screen that i saw in a block of 20 tvs, many of which were priced a $1,000 higher. I was considering a LN40C630, but the screen looked terrible IMO, and it is priced higher than the pdp i bought. I'll never go back to a standard LCD, maybe someday I'll get a LED, but not until the prices come down.
Just perused the local COSTCO Television section and there was an abundance of 2009 PannyTC-P50X14s in stock & looks like there are no takers. I wonder if they're going to have a fire sale to make room for the 2010 models or will they just ship 'em back to Panasonic. The floor model's screen looked all washed out, maybe that was one reason no one has been buying. The discerning videophile certainly knows that the CC versions offered 1/2 the "Native Contrast Ratio" of...
Has LG changed the menu look from the '09 Gray ugly looking thing that my 50PQ30 has? See attached link: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...0#post18351210
Here's a pic of the menu from my 50PQ30, a 2009 model. Please tell me the '10 models menu interface has changed & looks nice like sammy's menu.
Does anyone know if the menu this year is different than last year's horrible gray backround?
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