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Should I wait for the transition (June 12th) to find out which stations I will be able to pick up?
Thanks. Yes they did change frequencies. I had a new, never scanned converter box that I attached to one of our tv's and was again able to pick up the four PBS stations.However, still not picking up with the older box. So it's not an antenna problem, but a problem with the converter box itself. Any suggestions?
Doing a search on Smart Antennas I came across RCA ANT2000M on Amazon. Is this an updated version of RCA ANT2000 or what? Anyone? I've been using digital converter boxes for several months now using small Aztec Flat Panel HDTV Antennas with little problems. We were happy to have 4 digital channels for our local PBS station until recently. Completely lost. The station did announce that they were dropping the analog signal early (before June 12th) but that shouldn't...
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