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Thanx smoothie. I talked to a Denon tech today while I was at work. I think I figured out what may be wrong, plus he also told me how to save the settings to my PC. I'll give it a try when I get home from work.
I didn't know you can do that!
Same issue here, well almost. Mine won't switch the hdmi outputs when a signal is sent to them. It's stuck on one output, or the second is simply broken. Someone suggested a soft reset, which hasn't yielded any results. I hate to do a hard reset and lose all my settings. Why can't companies make a damn product that works properly? Sorry I can't answer your question, but let us know if you resolve the issue.
Well, once again I spend a ton of money on the next best thing and as almost always, I have an issue with it. I switched from Onkyo after having 3 of 4 blow up, to Denon hoping I would get a better product. My 4311 is maybe 6 mos old and last night I tried switching from my tv to my projector. The 4311 won't switch the hdmi input. I had to switch the TV and projector inputs so I could watch on the projector. It seems to be stuck on one hdmi output. Anyone had this issue...
That is absolutely true! My next upgrade will not be equipment, but a new room!! Im pretty happy with the gear I have now, its just a matter of having a room thats conducive to HI-FI. One thing I tried that did show improvement was moving my listening postition away from the back wall to near the center of the room. Of course thats not practical in my living room, but I just thought Id try it to see what results I would come up with.
Took y'all's advice, and was just curious, and got a hearing test. The audiologist said I had great hearing! No loss at any frequency. Most of my measurements were were either 5dB-10dB with I believe one that dipped to 20dB. Had 100% speech recognition as well. I dug up my military files to compare and m hearing is not as sharp as 20 years ago, but at least I'm taking care of my ears now and aside from age, I won't have premature hearing loss due to outside influences.
Yelnach, sorry about that. I went back & re read your first comment and realized I misinterpreted the first part of your post. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll definitely give it a try.
Thanks y'all. All humor aside, I know this post is beating the preverbial dead horse, but I've learned more in the past 18 months than I did in the previous 20+ years by the several forums I've been perusing, especially this one. As far as my hearing goes, I fortunately have good hearing still. No doubt it's not what it was 20 years ago though. I've become particularly anal about hearing protection the past few years. I sample all sorts of sound around the house and yard...
Too funny!! Two things that no one answered. Does having a wall directly to the rear of the listening position have any negative affects? Acoustically that is. Also, why was the Smithsonian narrative crystal clear, ever so easy hear and understand as well as the Black Hole? But when I watch a contemporary movie or HD TV broadcast, I get the surgy,inaudible voices? I know the affects of the room, Im just wondering if it has anything to do with the actual source material.
Ever since I bought my first A/V receiver almost 25 years ago, one thing that always bugged me was the center channel. From a $50 AudioSource to a $2100 B&W HTM1, Ive always had issues understanding what the hell people are saying. Ive read a million threads on why this is and ways to remedy it. Well nothing ever worked until now. From this point forward, Im guessing, so dont take this as caanon. Im willing to bet that a vast majority of the people who report this issue...
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