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thanks for the link. I was unaware of this company
I think you are right in that, the cost to performace ratio (savings) increases as you go higher end, but don't be surprised to get really good results with very little money. I have seen some sono tube builds that were pretty insanely cheap. too bad the SDX15 MK-II isn't around. I built 2 different TRIO kits, and sent back one of the drivers for a SDX12, and paid the difference. I will be building a new box and replacing the other TRIO too. Bottoms too easily...
I built 2 so if you need any advice, let me know.Have you checked monoprice ? Speaker Bracket - Black (Max 33LBS) - Set of 2 (Rev. 2.1)
I ordered a RC LCR a while back from somewhere in the USA. Arrived safe and sound in perfect condition.I also order VS Surrounds. My friend ordered them from Vann's, so they were shipped from there, to Colorado. Then he shipped them from there to Nova Scotia.Again, arrived in prestine condition.I would NOT risk ordering large speakers unless there was a solid return policy over borders...
Good luck boys, in getting some RC-LCRs ! Get em while they are hot !
no idea. If you read through this thread, other people are having freezing issues too. I only have PS3 for BD
Well that kinda sucks... sometimes I go away for weeks at a time.
V6.3s are being offered new for $500ea. ← Where is this ???
Ok thanks a lot. So if I take my laptop to the USA, for example, then I would have to log back in when I get there ? Would the rest of the folks back home at my house then be out of luck using Netflix, for example ? Thanks.
I used DVD-DL and there is a lot of freezing on my PS3. It is going in the trash can. The other 2 discs I use on external USB and they work great. Someone mentioned here on how to get this one to work on USB, so I will try that. Cheers.
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