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I use Easeus Todo to clone my drives http://www.todo-backup.com/products/home/free-backup-software.htm It is free for home use and will perform perfect clones. David
How can I read data on a failed disk If the data has not yet been rewritten to the disk?David
Surely the garage is more likely to suffer from fire or burglary than your house.David
My WHS2011 install with Flexraid and a couple of apps and addons installed is only 30.4gb.David
I flit between MCM and EMM but I find EMM to be better for XBMC. I have configured MCM to produce metadata and backdrops etc for XBMC but the files it produces are not picked up by XBMC. whereas EMM works every time. Something that is frustrating with both scrappers is that neither will provide UK certifications, despite configuring both to use UK XBMC always displays US certifications. David
How about this then.....http://www.dvdfab.com/blu-ray-copy.htmLooks like an easy solution.David
Why would you want to do that? Just use the original disc.David
On my TV the info button on the TV remote tells be the refresh rate and resolution.David
It depends on the type of files you are storing on the drive. I disable shadow copies on drives that only store media files and client backups but enable it on my documents drive.David
There are a lot of reasons to still use an HTPC, streaming movies, TV shows, recording TV, not having to keep copying a movie to a USB stick to watch it.David
New Posts  All Forums: