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Welcome to the forum. I think I would go this route, if it's primary TV watching and you will have to deal with a wall of windows all the time. Take a look at one of the forum sponsor's site (www.projectorpeople.com) which has a good projector calculator. That sounds like a pretty long throw distance, so I don't think a lot of projectors will fall into your category. I'm not sure though. Also, with being 16 feet from the wall...you could go a lot bigger than 102". If...
Don't remove the wallpaper at all. Paint over it with a couple layers of Kilz, then texture/paint over that. No worries. Kilz will prevent any moisture issues, and provide a nice surface for paint and texture. I learned this lesson a long time ago, after tearing up the drywall and having to patch a ton of holes from the drywall ripping up. The painter I had come in to do that bathroom, and some other areas of the house, taught me that "trick".
There's a bunch of bar build threads...a quick search for "bar" will get you a lot more, and faster, pictures/ideas.
I feel like I should take offense to you calling me a Princess.
From imageshack, if you click on the picture it will go into it's own window (no imageshack website stuff around it). Use that link when you imbed the photos and it will show up big here, instead of a link to another site to see the picture. I believe it's labeled "Direct". WAAAAAY better for people following your thread.
Ceiling height is 7.5 feet. The soffit is 11 inches tall. The front edge of the couch is at 9.5 feet from the screen. Screen size is 93 inches (16x9).
I think he was referring to the sagging floor issue, and a post shows the triangle 3 holes, then the cement caulk you squirt in there to reinforce the floor. Since my cork is already down though, I'll have to pull up a couple of cork tiles to fix this. Or I will have to find something to fill the cork holes with.
Great link, thanks. Unfortunately, this is going to require me to pull up a couple cork tiles. I saved some extra that I can put back down, but it's just going to be a pain. I will wait until other projects are done and I'm REALLY bored to tackle this one.
That sounds cool man. It's good you have an "in" with the builder, as most do not allow for that flexibility. Please document the process with the automation company as much as you can...I'm very curious about the decisions that have to be made and how the process works. Good luck with whatever you decide to do. You may find that doing some of it yourself, while it will save you money, may not be worth your time and effort compared to just having the company do the...
Thanks. We are Longhorn fans...but I was really fighting going with this color. I really wanted to do something else, but we have used this color in another house and just liked it too much. I felt with the cork color and the future wet bar being wood, that everything would feel too "brown" and "earthy". We will see. I might have to decorate the walls with stuff that cools the tone down.No, it does not have a bouncy feel to it. But yes, it does feel soft. It's...
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