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Thanks JapanDave. Awesome to have 3 of those bad boys! really like this type of testimony since you owned both and could compare and become familiar with each. Lotta money for the 10000Q but with a system like yours I'd have done the same considering the other top end components of the system and your treated room to let them really shine. Good piece of mind having the real deal especially after living with both. On the flip side the clone appears to be a good value option...
+1I would also bet double down that every speaker being compared in this thread will give fantastic results properly setup and EQd in a treated room.
Guys around here and in the pro audio world are always looking to save a bit on some nice used gear. You'll have no problem getting a good portion back of what you paid if need be.
Curious what the clones lack that the originals have? Not trying to start an argument just curious as there is a big price diff. Build quality? Performance? Reliability? Warranty differences?
As usual Ralph excellent review. I think I enjoy your take, on a film, from a philosophical stand point, just as much or more than the scoring of the presentation. Fun to read yours and others view on the film as sometimes a comment can make one look at the entire film or a scene in the film from a different perspective than originally and thats cool. That goes for the technical performance ratings as well. I love Stallone and DeNiro for the same reason as said by Summa...
]I hear ya brother. Filtering irritates the heck out of me too, especially if they mixed the theatrical un-filtered than chop the bottom end off for the BD mix. Unfortunatly guys like you and myself are a tiny minnow in an ocean of consumers. Your last quote says it all.Edit: looks like skriefal beat me too it with some good advice while I was typing but Ill leave my 2 cents as well.Dynamic range of a movie generally discribes the amount of "range" or loudness in decibels...
Wiring them to the lowest resistence the amp is rated to handle to maximize power is my suggestion. Maybe someone more familir with the amps limitations will chime in.Here's a handy link about wiring and calculating ohmshttp://www.bcae1.com/spkrmlti.htm
Hey thanks for the tip but I may have worded it wrong above and regarding surround height I actually found that out for myself the hard way. First try I had them mounted the height on the wall so they each fired at the middle seat of a 3 seat row but like you said the side seats would get over powered by the surround closest to it. So next I raised them to fire just as you have recommended and it fixed the problem along with smoother pans and such. What really sucked was...
Indeed they look fn killer!
SWEEEET!!! Great purchase bro you'll never regret it. Having built in DSP is the icing on the high powered cake.
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