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What use RGB Triplet for 75 sat 75 luma for CalMan and Chromapure?
Dear TED! In your disk white stimulus levels as Old AVS (round-nearest) or Current AVS(round-down)? For example 50 IRE - 126 or 125?
What better? Calibration LED-TV Samsung 55B7000 1) Discus + table in Calman led-tv 2) Discus+profiling Colormunki Photo 3) Colormunki Photo How to create a profile in chromapure colormunki photo and Discus? I can measure patterns in calman colormunki and to manually in chromapure profiling? Or measure patterns in calman colormunki and discus and to manually in chromapure profiling? Or use HCFR?
So you can only add 400MB for CalMAN/ChromaPure Chapters.
Dear TED,when you plan to add full field?
Dear Mascior, when planning ( tell at least tentatively) do MKV version w/chapters? With respect, Andrei from Ukraine.
TED Why Light Illusion recomendation "ramp metod" for choose window size for plasmas ? This is 5-15% high TV =0.25-2.25%, but you use 11.11%?
Tom! Please make that your ChromaPure Calibration Disc available for download for payment.
Tom! Why do I have a mistake in choosing ColorChecker ?  
And as if unable to resolve the issue with the support for the retail X-Rite i1 Display Pro colorimeter ?
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