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^I'm sorry for the delay, see first post of updates!! Thanks!
Definitely interested in this remote. I wanted to know if the smart control provides native support for XBMC or would I need additional hardware?
does anyone have this running with roomie remote? if so, is it compatible with extenders as well?
I have the same exact thing going on. Top left bottom right, green hue especially in dark scenes. I've tried changing the picture settings but to no avail. Not sure what the problem is Anyone else out there with this problem?
^this is great news! thanks
Just a little update. Comcast finally showed up. I installed the tuner in my PC and thankfully, it was a smooth install/activation process. I'm running two XBOX extenders from my HTPC. I am completely taken back by how well this tuner performs! I also downloaded the ceton companion app to control the extenders from my phone (pretty reliable thus far). One question, is there any way to boot the XBOX straight to live TV? My girlfriend is having a hard time navigating through...
Thanks a lot for the responses. I'm afraid all of this is premature because Comcast never showed up for my service call . Sadly, I'm not surprised as I've had nothing but terrible experiences with Comcast through the years....smh. They apologized, gave me a 20 dollar credit, and rescheduled for this coming Thursday. I will keep you guys posted
I have a quick question about comcast. I just installed my i4 PCI into my HTPC and I have comcast coming to bring me the cable card and run a signal to my desired location. They are telling me that I need an HD box to achieve an HD signal through my cable card. Is this true? I thought that they can apply HD directly to the card? I don't have much faith in what comcast says so any help would be greatly appreciated!
Great thanks!
So just to be clear...If I used Xbox 360 as an extender and installed the software that will launch XBMC from within WMC, I can watch movies (MKV.'s) from XBMC through my Xbox? Or would I have to share/import my XBMC library with WMC/MB (which I don't currently use) for movies?
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