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I will start messing with the gpu settings tonight. Anyone have any idea why this occurs though? Weird side note: Turning off the ceiling fan in the room causes the projector to go black for about 4 seconds, then comes back as normal. It only does this with the HTPC.
Setup: - Epson 3010 - Denon 2312CI - Self built HTPC with newer ATI HD card capable of DD-HD/DTS-HD, etc, via HDMI. - HDMI Cables. PC to Receiver - Standard 1.4b 6ft. Receiver to projector - Premium monoprice 25ft. Issue: Projector flickers / dim's slightly on HTPC inputs sometimes (not consistent). The flicker can be explained like a dimmer is on the projector bulb being turned up and down slightly. Weird side note: Turning off the ceiling fan in the room causes the...
I am thinking of going with the Fusion 8 due to a smaller more appealing size for the living room. - Should I go with the pre-built birch box or build my own? Is birch better than using mdf? - Should I build the crossover from the components provided or buy pre-built? - Where can I find some nice cloth/vinyl, etc for the box?
I am looking to build some quality high sensitivity speakers for fronts in a large living room (25x25x20). I have not built a speaker before and would like some recommendations, etc. I am looking to stay as budget as possible (about $200 per speaker). What opinions do you guys have on the following? I included HSU as a reference. Will I get much better performance out of the DIY speakers over the...
Hrmm....so with that said maybe ill push my budget a bit more. I started looking into some of the speakers on this list: http://www.avsforum.com/t/1387083/list-of-reference-level-high-sensitivity-spl-speakers What about these choices? Anything better? How will the kits compare to hsu? http://www.hsuresearch.com/products/hb-1.html http://www.diysoundgroup.com/waveguide-speaker-kits/fusion-series-kits/fusion8-kit.html http://www.diysoundgroup.com/karma10-kit.html
So I currently have a Denon 2112CI in my movie room and am looking to get another receiver for the living room. I need the living room to have 7.1 in order to use zone 2 for the patio. I also need it to be networked to control volume from anywhere. I have a few options... - Buy a new 5.1 or 7.1, non-networked receiver and move the 2112 to the living room. - Buy a new 7.1, networked and keep the 2112 in the movie room. The living room is 25x25x20, movie room is 10x14. ...
It will be a 7.1 receiver, about 90W.
I am needing some fronts for a very large room. - Room 25x25x20 - Prefer to not get towers (not very visually appealing) - $200 range - Mostly for music - Sub will be added later
So I just set up a nice movie room, projector, HTPC, etc. The problem is my HTPC is a bit dated and cannot output audio via HDMI, which reduces the audio that I can output (optical only). What is one of the cheapest GPU's that can pass FullHD audio, DTSHD, etc. (Note: I don't know all the audio spec's but I just want to utilize the best.)
Update: I shifted the entire projector about a quarter inch to the left and realigned the screen and its much better now. I guess I was not exactly in the center and was turning the projector slightly.
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