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Scott, Great show as usual! One question that I thought would come up that didn't was how about front projectors?
Less than 2 months old..like new condition. PayPal and shipping included...cont us only
6 months old with very few hours on them. Have box and assessories it came with. PayPal and shipping included in price. Price lowered. Pictures added. See audioholics for recent review.
A fascinating show. Thx Scott and Brian!
thx..good points.
Amir, do use specialty power cords in your home system? If so, do you think they make a difference? If you do, what brand?
Fwiw http://www.straightdope.com/columns/read/2298/can-a-noise-be-loud-enough-to-kill-you
Ok, everyone that thinks DBT can have flaws, please quote my post and raise your hand. Hand raised. I believe DBT's can have flaws. Whether the flaws invalidate the test probably is a debate that only knowledgeable (and hopefully civil posters) should have.. But also, the flaws fixed and a new test. I mean don't many scientific test end up with flaws and then a new test is done to verify whether the flaw affected the result. You just don't point your finger and say...
my opinion is that it is an evolutionary step because of the Apple IPhone, iPad, etc revolution. Even Apple put more engineering in their latest earbuds sold with iPods and they are a big improvement over the old ones.
agreed and I have he500 as well.Here is an interesting article over at inner fidelity just postedhttp://www.innerfidelity.com/content/headphone-target-response-curve-research-update
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