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Anybody? still for sale
With that budget i would I think the golden ear technology triton 7 and sonus faber venere 2.5/3.0 are the best, either of those with a nice marantz reciever from AC4L and the matching center, save and get the surrounds and sub later
A guy has one for sale. I can get it for $800, but it currently is not working. The issue is when you plug the unit up, all of the power lights and display lights come on and stay solid, and the unit is unresponsive at that point. Other than that the unit appears to be in outstanding. Any idea what the issue might be?
Thanks man that's it. I appreciate it.
Anybody remember this build?
I was on here maybe a month ago, and i seen a stunning theater/house build. But i can't remember the name or link of the thread, can anyone help me out? I remember when he showed the house pics the living room wall's had a kind of fake exposed bricks look to it and it was stunning, also the theater kind of had a grey stone look to it? It might of been located in florida can't remember? Any of you guys remember this house?
Sounds good thanks man
Curios how does the PL89 and PL28 do with music?
DO they still sell this monster?
Golden ear triton 7, this speaker sounds absolutely spectacular........save your money man........this speaker will compete or flat out school every speaker mentioned in the thread I heard this speaker on mcintosh gear and it was downright magical
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