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sorry if i am in wrong forum, point me to the right one if so if i buy a 500 model, 1, do i take it with me on the road or does it stay at home (obviously dont know how this works) 2. i want to watch what is on my HR34-700 from my home, or live tv from my home, if possible, but i DONT want to watch it on my ipad or laptop or iphone, all of which i have with me in the hotel room, i want to watch it on the hotel room tv that i have access to the inputs, etc., how does...
mine is turned off and has shut itself off several times it isnt called that though, it is called something else
oh, so no tech yet for no glasses 3d, darn
and the passive dont require glasses, right? does that Samsung offer no glass 3d? $2900, cheap compared to the $5k i paid for my Elite...i see that one comes with glasses so guess not i would get a passive 3d today if there was a really good one
ok, nothing, so you are saying i can go to itunes, buy an episode of whatever show, then download it, i am doing that on amazon instead only because that is where i startedthanks
I will be traveling by plane, no wifi, need to watch tv shows or movies, have Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, but all require wifi, so I would have to download something? Prefer tv shows, willing to pay, how do I do this? this is ipad 101 I am sure but new to me, thus the duh
When 3d first came out Consumer Reports and other credible sources made it very clear plasma was superior to lcd for 3d, but this was a few years ago, I have a newish Sony NX720 3d and it is pretty good, but I want to replace my Pioneer elite Pro plasma in living room, i paid $4700 for this about 4 yrs ago? 5? not sure now, when i bought it was the best ever on the planet other than Runco at $25000 But, not 3d, so anyway, my question is to the non biased people, people...
why Are people resetting their Sony? the owners here and on the nx929 thread or whatever the model is, is it related to the set turning off for no reason then turning itself back on 4 seconds later? mine does that once in a while...not sure if it is a flaw or if it is doing something on purpose
so I take it I am the only one who's NX720 turns itself off and back on about once a week, getting more often now this is wonderful news, meaning this 2 month old tv or whatever it is i get to spend a mini fortune sending it back to sony, being without a tv indefinitely (not an option so I have to buy another one) fantastic, i love it!
does anybody elses NX720 turn itself off and then back on 3 seconds later? happens about once a week, have the presence sensor turned off (dont now how to work that anyway, turn demo on and nothing ever happens so just turned it off) and no, sleep timer is off (boy, how many screens do you have to go thru to turn that on., like 5 or so, very poorly designed) why does this happen i wonder?
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