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these? dont know if allowed to post here to amazon, probably not, so let me do it this way Xpand Universal X103 3D Glasses Compatible with Active 3D TV's, Black thanks, unless i hear otherwise i will get these, thanks
holy moly that is a lot of money...i am waiting for my nx720, i am real curious to talk to someone who has seen both the x reality vs x reality pro and upscaling etc
I am getting sony nx720 in a few days, for my bedroom i wear glasses, where could i find list of glasses from 3rd party sellers that folks like?
thanks, so it is combined now completely? channel 165 right now on xm is what on the new lineup? cant see it here
what am i looking at in that picture? thanks (i am learning)
I have GM vehicle, so I have XM, on it is channel 165 right wing radio, I dont listen to right wing radio (I wont make this about politics, not necessary) I am a leftie, and on that channel Randi Rhodes plays each day but she is the only lefty on it... Also on my XM are channels 167 and 98, liberal and gay stations OUTQ is 98, gay liberal radio, I am not gay either, but I like that station. I am getting rid of GM and getting Made in America Ford Explorer and it has...
I couldnt justify the price for this vs the NX720, main difference to me would be the pro engine...I wonder if the pro engine (I am a real novice here) shows a substantial difference in picture quality compared to standard X-Reality engine when it comes to upscaling, but it would only really be noticeable on like 480I images? Anybody see a comparison between the two engines? I wanted the cool looking glass, opti contrast etc but didnt want to pay for the XBR...I know...
I will have a new one installed in my bedroom soon with a Panasonic sound bar... I notice one person had a problem getting the internet to connect, anyone else have issues with that? Is this the thread where the calibration/picture tweaking settings people will use and recommend will be?
thanks, nearest best buy is 210 miles - so amazon is my only option unless i am travelling
So the reason to spend $300 more and get the new ST30 is? I am more than willing to do it just wonder why, I thought I remember there was a reason, something...DLNA ?
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