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Either your receiver has a mapping issue, or you are reading the information incorrectlyWUNI should be showing up as 27.1 or 29.3. Not "27.1". WTNH would be 8.1, or 10.3, not "10.1", WFSB 3.1 or 33.3, not "33.1"m WTIC 61.1 or 31.3, not "31.1", WEDW 24.1 or 45.3, not "31.1"."25.1" is the mapped channel, what our PSIP information being transmitted is telling the receiver the channel is, and both parts are inculsive, "31.3" is the raw UHF channel and sub channel program...
Those power levels are slightly off on WPRI & WNACBoth stations are running 30kW, per their licenses.Your TV Fool results may be off, if they are calculated on the wrong power level(s).
There is a definite issue with this, however, where overlapping HD signals into adjacent markets has caused issues. I can name a few examples here on the east coast.(One that comes to mind was two pre-1964 grandfathered short spaced Class Bs, 1st adjacent from each other, where one was taking a big hit in the signal area due to the overlap)Now don't get me wrong, I am a huge proponent of HD, but I don't like the amount of adjacent channel interference it causes. But it's...
Would be nice for Cox to replace WGBX-SD with WGBX-HD. WGBH-TV doesn't always carry the same shows as WGBX-TV (which RIPBS doesn't carry either). Also would like to see Horse Racing TV (HRTV) even if just in SD, in the sports package.
6, 10, 12, 36, and 64 all operate from the same tower cluster in North-West Rehoboth. 28, however, operates from Freetown, MA. So it is in an entirely different direction. 56 is a Boston station that doesn't put a lot of RF down south, especially where you are in Westport. And the direction will be different enough, even for a slightly directional antenna, to need to reaim for Boston versus Providence, versus 28. (and 69, which is down in Hopkinton, RI)
There is more to the story too. The big self supporting tower on the left hand side, has no tennants on it anymore and is going to come down for development at the top of the hill. The three towers on the right are actually on the south-east side of the hill and are currently owned by American Tower. As tveli stated, they are all cellular and two way these days.WLVI is not on that tower and was not affected by the outage.
WRIW-CA signed on their digital channel on RF 50, Virtual 50.1 from the WJAR tower in Rehoboth on Friday July 20, 2012.
FYI. WCVB-TV will be adding "ME-TV" to 5.2 in the not too distant future. (If they haven't all ready). http://www.tvnewscheck.com/article/60965/metv-adds-five-more-hearst-stations
I got rid of mine, simply for the lack of RDS capability.
That is why I didn't invest in a big navi-dash system. For the cost of what my Jeep is, and the amount of mileage on it, I just dropped a $120 radio in instead. But I must say, I am thrilled with it. When I do get a new Ford, I will probably end up with the in-dash navi system. My friend put one in his Impala, and it's really nice. It's a Kenwood, I believe, and it has the Artist experience and RDS on it. Pretty slick system. The GPS is a little clunky, but overall its nice.
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