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TD20 and TD30 are great cameras. As long as you have something in the foreground and mid distance, distant subjects still look 3d. Even getting a high perspective and including some ground footage can help. I find some footage with base extenders hard to watch esp. On a projection screen. I've not yet tried the sterioscopic filter on movie studio 13 yet but this may let you increase the apparent depth and correct errors.
The last render was fine and far smother than powerdirector - now to redo my other 3d videos as its like chalk & cheese ;0)
Yeah thats done the trick! Heres the link for the MS 13 newblue starter pack http://www.newbluefx.com/downloads/Sony/NewBlueSonyVegasMSPPS13Setup14-140117.exe titler works fine on this I just deleted the old plugin and ran the exe.
It seem there is a conflict with the Newblue title ex plugin. I renamed the shared plugin folder and I can load the 64 bit version now. The framerate is much better and I'm running a test render now - fingers crossed guys!!!
Hmm.. Seems a few folk on the Sony forum are having the same problem with 64bit MS13 freezing on the splash screen. A few seem to have got around it. Hope they can post a fix soon.
My 500gb that I use for source files was out of my other PC other than that its three month old. I only upgraded for 3d editing. Its doing my head in lol
The system is a brand new HP evolve windows 8 on it but upgraded right away to 8.1 its a Intel Haswell i7 4700 with a 2 tb and 500 gb drive drives geforce 720 graphics 16 gb ram it should breeze through editing ;0/
I know a lot of you guys are using different editing software are there any compatablity issues you have come across?
I'll try the source files on my c drive and copy to my other drive to check that. Dont really want to format and reload esp. as the backup files are on a disc partition.
16gb I dont think thats the problem. It just stopped responding about 90 percent doing a Sbs video of about 30 mins. Not got a lot loaded on the PC its only 3 months old dont know if its some software conflict. I burned a 1080p 24fps Blu-ray the other night with MS12 not jerky not perfect but so I thought it might be better and more stable with MS 13
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