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Went to my local Best Buy today and they had a very poor selection of 70" tv's and no 80" tv's at all. Looks like a trip to NFM is in order. Too bad the wife will end up getting something as a peace offering to go.
For those that own the LC-80UQ17U or smaller size versions can you have different calibrations per HDMI input? I love that feature on my current led LCD.
Ok, so what is a fair price for the LC-80UQ17U. I have read ever single post in this thread in two days. I have WAF on my side and as much as I love my 55nx810 I think LC-80UQ17U is in the cards real soon. I am in KC and have access to BB, NFM, and online etailers. Let the bidding begin!
So I am thinking about selling mine and buying an 80" how much do you think is reasonable? Amazon is showing used from about $1650 and up.
Electrician stopped by today. He is going to send me a quote for running a 60 amp service from breaker box to the basement. He thinks it will be around $650. One step closer!
Larry, Great job! Amazing theater! Definitely subscribed! Chip
My electrician is coming over on Friday (9-13) afternoon to give me a quote to run a 100 amp panel from the breaker to the basement. The HVAC people are coming over in Mid October to quote me a price for the HVAC relocations. Once the HVAC is out of the way it will be go time. Most of the framing will be done prior to the hvac and the electrical.
Well the dumpster is about full! I ordered a 7' x 10' x 4', which I thought would be enough and they brought by a 8' x 12' x 5' one because they were out of the one I wanted. Well I am so glad b/c the larger one was filled to the brim. I will take a pic tomorrow. Here are some pics of the space mostly cleaned out. The next step is to build the storage space and move the rest of this stuff into it so I can start on the framing of the theater. For reference, the wall...
Since I live in Lee's summit I would like to put in an application to be your friend, especially on movie nights!Amazing setup! Anytime you want to do a demo for some local peeps you let me know. This is the stuff I stay awake thinking about all night long!Great job,Chip
Jdsmoothie, Thanks for the reply. For the life f me I did not remember that I had XT. Totally forgot. Well the 7701 would b for a dedicated theater. The 3808ci would stay in the living room. Would u have any other recommendations on a good preamp in the same cost range? Thanks, Chip
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