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It will be you display not being bright enough, i watched this on my Epson 6010 and i had no issues with the brightness and this is on a 120" screen.
I usually do not post about movies ever but this movie was absolutely amazing in 3d, its the best 3d bluray in my collection and the best one i have ever viewed on my projector. I look forward to hearing you opinion on the 3d bluray Ralph
I just finished watching Prometheus and out of of 15 or so 3D movies i have this is by far the best one, this will definitely be the disc that i show off my Epson 5010 projector with, the 3D is absolutly the best non CGI movie i have seen on my projector. i will be ordering the Avatar movie as well and i look forward to this one as well.
I have the 6010, I own 7 3d movies and I have only noticed ghosting on one of the movies and it was only once during the movie for a few seconds , so pretty well ghost free for me so far but I take some select movies will show it
Mine does this also, It's not a issue to me
Just so you know the bulb counter does not show till 10hrs has passed , I thought something was wrong and my projector was not keeping track of hours, it's mentioned in the manual
I got the Epson 6010 and the 3d is pretty good I do not see any ghosting , I do wish the Fi would work in 3D though, I would of liked to see how FI helps 3d, in 2d I do not use it because to me I do not like the effect With regards to the w7000 I thought the dlp would be the best in 3d, zombie10k are you saying the 6010 is better? The benq was actually my 2nd choice before but it wouldn't work for me because of lens throw, my first choice was actually the jvc but I...
I know on my 6010 it doesn't start till 10 hrs, I thought something was wrong until I looked in the manual and it said the counter doesn't start till 10 hours
I would try your cable out when you get your projector it will probably work, also do no not go by the spec, there is to much controversial over this, actually if you goto hdmi.org you will see the cable company's are not to put the hdmi version on the box no more, to many sales people are trying to make you update your cables when you don't have to. I run a 3 year old cable 35feet long to my epson 6010 and works perfectly good in 3d
I just got the Panasonic bd210 last week and it has been very picky on playing 3D blurays, it's played 2 out of the 5 , after seeing this post I decided to try a ps3 which I had upstairs and she played everything no problem, it's to bad I really liked this player , the 2 movies that did played seemed to have more depth, I guess I will try the Samsung out next and hopefully my hk likes it
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