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I'm getting those two channels and I have Basic service.
They activated HD Auto Tune in Boone as well. I have Basic service and for some reason, WUNE on channel 13 still shows the SD version. All of the other HD locals work properly along with the other channels I subscribe to.
The reason I picked up WCCB and WSOC so well was because I had no obstructions in that direction. There was a mountain in the direction of the translators.
I know what you meant, but the TV Fool report for my old address had WCCB and WSOC pretty far down the list. The translators were near the top and they still didn't come in as good as the Charlotte signals.
I used to live in Lenoir and even with an indoor antenna, WSOC on 34 and especially WCCB on 27 were two of my strongest signals. I could get the Valdese translators as well, but they usually didn't come in as good as the Charlotte signals. Despite that, I rarely picked up WAXN on 50 because of interference from WTBL on 49 which was only 2 miles away from me.
Charter in Marion carries WBTV, but that's the only Charlotte station. All of the other stations are GSP.
My Grandma decided to get her set-top boxes from Charter today before they go all-digital. Surprisingly, they are offering two HD boxes free for two years if you have Basic service. Until today, I thought only the SD boxes were eligible for the promotion, and for only one year instead of two. I'm SO glad I get to keep my HD locals when they go all-digital in Boone!
WSOC and WAXN are now gone from our lineup. Channel 9-1 has been deleted, and WKPT is now airing on analog channel 9 and QAM channel 81-8 (WSOC-SD). Channels 9-2, 22-1 (WAXN-HD, which was just added on December 17) and 81-10 (WAXN-SD) are all airing a loop explaining why WSOC and WAXN were dropped from Charter. UPDATE: The channel slot for WSOC-HD is also airing WKPT now (in SD), but it no longer maps to 9-1. In my opinion, Charter should be airing the loop on WSOC and...
Thankfully, Charter in Boone also carries WKPT from Kingsport, TN on our lineup, so we will at least still have access to ABC even though it isn't in HD. My Grandma has Charter in Lenoir and she can also get WLOS from Asheville through QAM, but that will go away on January 21.
Charter told me a while back that only their SD box would be free for 12 or 24 months, whichever it is. I read on the Greenville, NC HDTV forum that Time Warner Cable provides DTA boxes with HDMI output for $.99 a month. I wish Charter would do that so I could still get my locals in HD without renting an HD box or buying my own box.
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